Olivia Shipman

Scholarship - Point Park University

Olivia is currently attending Point Park University as a Dance Major with a concentration in Jazz and the intent to take on a double major in Film. Olivia was awarded a Dance and Academic Scholarship.

Olivia was a student in Draper Center’s Professional Training Program, she started dancing at Draper when she was 4 years old, and that is what you would call a “Draper Baby”! While at Draper, Olivia attended the Washington School of Ballet Summer Program. In 2013 Olivia was honored with winning First Place for her Solo and Outstanding Dancer Runner-Up at NYCDA.

Olivia has performed in numerous productions with the Rochester City Ballet including: Cinderella, Firebird, Blood Countess, Cityscapes and of course Nutcracker. She has had several notable parts in Nutcracker: Spanish, Snow Corps and Flower Corps. Olivia has also worked with the Rochester City Ballet by making videos of the Company for their Fundraising Campaign and for promoting the Blood Countess Production. 

We all miss you Olivia, but the road ahead of you is so incredibly bright!