All of the training I received at Draper Center for Dance Education allowed me to fulfill my dreams as a professional dancer and artist. The staff helped to shape not only my technique but my own unique artistry that set me apart from the other dancers in my professional career. The hard work and dedication they demand has set me up for long career as a soloist with American Ballet Theatre and with any future endeavors I take!

Kristi Boone, Soloist, American Ballet Theater

I had a great time at Draper Center for all of the seven years that I trained there. What I am most grateful for is the amount of stage experience I received while I was dancing at Draper Center. Not only did the teachers help improve my technique, but they forced you to dance and perform like a professional dancer on stage. I attribute that experience for being able to skip a second company and become a Company dancer straight after school.

Gabriel Davidsson, Soloist, Estonia National Ballet

Draper taught me so many things, not only did Draper give me the ballet technique that I so desperately needed in my training, but it taught me discipline, hard work and dedication.

Hayley Meier, River North Dance Chicago

Meeting Jamey Leverett, the artistic director at The Draper Center for dance, was truly a life altering experience for our son. Jamey’s passion for the art of dance, her attention to detail, and the ability to see the potential in a dancer is so apparent as you watch her lead any of her classes. She is a true artist who is able to create beautiful dancers out of young people who have natural ability, strong work ethic, and a love for dance. The Draper Center prepares their dancers for the realities of pursuing a professional dance career. The Rochester area is so blessed to have gems such as Jamey Leverett, and the Draper Center in their community.

Marie Davis, Parent Of Draper Student

I believe that a dance studio is only as good as its teachers and Draper has the best of them. They are incredibly talented and committed to the studio and its dancers. And, many of them are outstanding choreographers. The Draper dancers are so lucky they have teachers who are capable of creating award-winning competition pieces year after year. These award winning pieces stand out at every competition and, as a result, the professional dance community is well aware that Draper Center dancers are some of the best trained dancers in the country.

Dede LaManna, Parent Of Draper Student

Draper was a transformative experience. My experience there enabled me to become a more adept contemporary dancer, cultivating my knowledge and skill in classical ballet. The technical training, level of expectation, and incredible talent of the dancers promotes an atmosphere of excellence. It offered me a family of whole-hearted individuals with untethered passion for what they do–teachers and students alike. Attending Draper gave me the technical skills and professionalism I needed before college auditions, while the love and support of the community allowed me to come into my own as a dancer before leaving for college.

Claudia Germuga, Scholarship - NYU Tisch School Of The Arts

The training I received at the Draper Center has provided me with a strong technique, giving me freedom to focus on artistic development. It gave me the experience of working in the corps de ballet and exposed me to many different forms of dance such as, modern, character, jazz and contemporary. I was also able to learn how to pick up choreography quickly and use rehearsal time effectively. After leaving the Draper Center I realized what a unique experience it was to be able to work so closely with the company. Not only did it offer constant inspiration, but also a taste of what the professional ballet world is like. All of these traits have been of value to me at the summer intensives I have attended and while at Indiana University and I am certain they will continue to help me with my future endeavors.

Kelsey White, Scholarship - Indiana University

I brought my daughter to Draper Center when she was 6 years old. Up until that point, it seemed that she spent more time in dance classes waiting for kids to pay attention than she did actually learning something. I knew right away that this studio was different. Draper is a place for teachers and students who take dance education very seriously. Even Level One Ballet teachers at Draper have high expectations for their dancers. They believe that young students have the ability to pay attention, focus, and try their very best during every class. When an adult truly believes this, children will rise to the occasion and meet those expectations. For each consecutive level, students are expected to dance longer hours and work even harder. And, Draper dancers never give up their technical training for competition or performance rehearsals. As a result, Draper graduates are disciplined, refined, hard-working dancers ready for either a professional career or a dance scholarship to colleges and universities all over the country.

Dede LaManna, Parent Of Draper Student

I’m the proud parent of a senior in the Professional Trainee Program at Draper. My daughter has wanted to dance ballet since she was two. We did many other programs before we enrolled at the Draper Center. When my daughter was 12 she attended Draper’s Summer Intensive. Every day she came home more excited by dance. By the end of the first week, she said: “Mom, I’ve learned more this week than I have in three years!” We enrolled her for classes that September. In our six years at Draper I’ve learned what an outstanding school this is. The faculty of the Draper Center is top-notch. Each instructor teaches the whole student, focusing on each students’ needs, strengths and weaknesses. All of the instructors at Draper have challenged and nurtured my daughter. They are friendly, caring, and demanding. The attention to detail and technique is amazing. Students work on refining and perfecting their technique, while at the same time learning to express the artistry of dance. While ballet is the major focus, students also receive instruction in modern and jazz during the school year. During the summer students have had the opportunity to do all sorts of different styles from character to ballroom! This is the dance school for the serious student, not for the casual dancer. In the upper levels, the commitment is huge, but the pay-off is outstanding. My daughter has had numerous performance opportunities as well, from Rochester City Ballet performances to local and regional competitions. I feel that my child has been exceptionally well-prepared here for a future dance career.

Deb Buckley, Parent Of Draper Student

My 14 year old daughter has been studying ballet and other dance forms since she was 5 years old, including three years in the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater school and summer intensives at Point Park, Ballet Chicago and the Joffrey. She intends on becoming professional in the future, and so her ballet education is of supreme importance to us. My wife, daughter and I visited the Draper School as we were contemplating a move to the Rochester area and were immediately struck by the personal involvement of the faculty, the flexibility and rigor of the teaching, the warm welcome given to new dancers and the level of creativity, dedication and professionalism of the Draper school and the RCB. Our initial introduction to the Draper school was given to us by the Artistic Director, who took an hour of her time to patiently answer all our questions and speak directly to our daughter about her experiences and her intentions – which greatly impressed us. The atmosphere of the school in general is very friendly and welcoming to new dancers. The students are determined, strong and yet very warm and open to new friendships – my daughter made several close friends from the first week. The Draper has a “family-like” feel to it – an atmosphere where all the dancers are treated respectfully as members of a team, rather than negatively competitive. The Artistic Director is very hands-on and gives students and parents individual attention, as valued members of the Draper community. We have been especially impressed with how the older professionals interact with the students and make them feel at home.

Bruce Rosenthal, Parent Of Draper Student