Draper Center provides the highest level of classical ballet and dance while adhering to a curriculum that teaches formation of character, and stresses standards of excellence applicable to all areas of life.

Children’s Division – Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet

The children’s division is a prelude to the formal ballet instruction and introduces children to music and movement through a structured progression that stresses creativity and group interaction.  Creative Movement is tailored for ages 3 and 4, and Pre-Ballet for ages 5 and 6.  At the end of Pre-Ballet, the children will have been introduced to ballet steps, terminology and the basics of dance.

Student Division – Levels 1 thru 5

Classes in the student division are carefully graded by age, physical strength and development.  Students are introduced to progressive levels of ballet technique.  They are promoted according to individual progress.  Students participating in Levels 3 through 5 are required to take class exclusively at Draper Center.

Draper Center Students

Level 1 

7-9 years old. This is the first year of structured ballet training, including basic positions, steps, terminology and rhythms. 
Req: One ballet class per week. Jazz is optional but recommended.

Level 1A 

7-10 years old. Continuation of studies in preperation of Level IB. Min. of one year dance required.
Req: Two ballet classes per week. Jazz is optional but recommended.

Level 2

8-10 years old. Continuation of studies. Min. of one year ballet required. 
Req: Two ballet classes per week. Jazz and stretch & strength are optional but recommended.

Draper Center Students

Level 3

11 years and older. Continuation of studies. Min. of two years of previous study required. 
Req: Three ballet classes, pointe, jazz, and stretch & strength each week.

Level 4A/4B

Continuation of studies.
Req: Four ballet classes, pointe, modern, jazz, and stretch & strength each week.

Level 5

Continuation of studies.
Req: Five ballet classes, pointe, modern, jazz, and stretch & strength each week.

Professional Training Program   By audition only.

Students selected for this level concentrate on perfecting technique and developing artistry.  Students are required to take all of the appropriate classes including ballet, pointe, variations/men’s, jazz, modern, and stretch & strength.  Students have frequent opportunities to perform with the Rochester City Ballet and are required to participate in rehearsal and performances deemed appropriate.  An academic grade average of C or better is required for each dancer to maintain his/her place in the professional division.  The Professional Training Program dance year is September through August and attendance at the summer program is mandatory. 

Open Adult Classes

Open adult classes are designed for students ages 15 and above who wish to study dance for recreational, cultural, or physical reasons. The focus is to achieve flexibility, muscle tone, and coordination. It is recommended that students have a minimum of two years previous ballet training. Currently Draper Center offers an Intermediate/Advance Ballet open adult class. Click here for more information on our Open Adult Classes.