JoyThru Dance

Sep 11, 2022

Women-Owned, Family-Inspired, and Draper Born!

As fellow Draper dance parents, we share the joys of the art. We also share the “backstage” experiences. While our dancers are on stage, we are in the wings making sure the world around them is supportive and the things they need to succeed are at hand.

The two of us met and became friends in the lobby of the studio on University Ave. We dug through the lost and found, we bought countless pairs of tights and uniform leos, and pointe shoes- we all know the cost of the hunt for the perfect pair.

For many years, our daughters used backpacks and duffel bags. The smell of the tangled items inspired us to figure out a better way. When we couldn’t find an organizer designed for their specific needs, we designed and perfected our own.

As a bacteria-fighting storage system designed for busy dancers, our all-purpose JoyThruDance bag keeps you ready to dance without missing a beat. Durable construction and breathable design meet the rigors of dance life to sort, deodorize and protect your essentials.

Removable pockets create a place for every dance essential: separating laundry, clean clothes and pointe shoes, with detachable mesh pods and laundry bag to throw soiled clothes directly into the wash. Each pod has a designated pocket to hold a reVIVE activated charcoal packet that extends the life of your dancers’ pointe shoes, absorbs moisture and fights odor. The organizer folds into itself and is ready to be a backpack, cross-body or tote.

The JoyThru Dance Bag has been a labor of love. We are thrilled to share it with others. Check out our website:

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Many Draper graduates have joined notable professional companies including New York City Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, National Ballet, Kansas City Ballet, Ballet Met, Nashville Ballet, Houston Ballet, Boston Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, National Ballet Of Canada, Alonzo King's Lines, Cedar Lake Dance, Hubbard Street, Cirque Du Soleil, Rochester City Ballet and many more.

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