In10sity Competition 2023 Success!!!

Apr 25, 2023

In10sity Competition 2023 Success!!!

Congratulations to all of our dancers who attended the In10sity Competition this past weekend! There was so much personal growth as well as amazing performances. In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights.


Junior Solos

Estelle Heald         Intense Platinum   3rd Overall

Marko Kokovic     Intense Platinum    2nd Overall, Judges Award, & Technical Excellence

Sadie Cheshire     Intense Platinum    5th Overall

Rhauri Samuels    Intense Platinum    4th Overall

Natalie Wildenhaus     Platinum          6th Overall

Anna Nucelli         Intense Platinum     1st Overall


Teen Solos

Sam Gauss  (Variation)          Intense Platinum

Katelyn Ramirez                      Platinum                        19th Overall

Lilly Gauss                                 Intense Platinum         15th Overall

Riley Hammond                      Intense Platinum            4th Overall

Emily Jonason                         Intense Platinum            2nd Overall

Sam Gauss                               Intense Platinum            1st Overall  & Technical Excellence

Isabella Ginerva                       Intense Platinum           3rd Overall

Gabby Wilson                          Platinum                        20th Overall

Emily Talledo                           Platinum

Summer Kroll                           Intense Platinum          11th Overall

Anna Shin                                 Intense Platinum           13th Overall

Vittoria Santonastaso             Platinum                         17th Overall

Lundyn Blackman                    Intense Platinum           16th Overall

Isabella Ginerva (Variation)   Intense Platinum


Senior Solos

Nathan Talledo (Variation)  Intense Platinum

Alexandra Rachunok             Platinum

Melissa Harvey                       Intense Platinum       8th Overall

Bella Railey                             Intense Platinum        4th Overall

Lilly Benz                                 Intense Platinum        13th Overall

Lilly Hall                                   Intense Platinum        1st Overall & Technical Excellence

Charlotte Park                        Intense Platinum        10th Overall

Gwendolyn Nellis                   Intense Platinum

Siena Ardizzone                      Platinum

Ella Lippa                                 Intense Platinum        9th Overall

Alina Railey                             Intense Platinum        6th Overall

Nathan Talledo                      Intense Platinum        20th Overall

Sophie Brown                         Intense Platinum        18th Overall

Victoria Rynkowski                Intense Platinum         2nd Overall

Kate Shin                                 Intense Platinum         15th Overall

Madison Bevilacqua              Intense Platinum         3rd Overall

Natalie Sheehan                     Platinum

Paige Smith                             Intense Platinum

Lilly Benz                                  Intense Platinum

Sophia Benard-Decannon     Platinum

Elizabeth Tucker                     Intense Platinum

Ava Palermo                            Intense Platinum

Madison Bevilacqua               Intense Platinum

Victoria Rynkowski (Variation)   Intense Platinum

Lilly Hall (Variation)                 Intense Platinum

Bella Railey (Variation)           Intense Platinum

Gwendolyn Nellis (Variation)  Intense Platinum

Charlotte Park (Variation)       Intense Platinum

Alina Railey (Variation)            Platinum

Ella Lippa (Variation)               Platinum


All Variation got a Judges Award

Junior Duet/Trio

Fix You     Estelle Heald, Madison Hofford, Anna Nucelli

Intense Platinum      2nd Overall


Love         Sadie Cheshire & Marko Kokovic

Intense Platinum       1st Overall


Teen Trio

Jovial   Riley Hammond, Emily Jonason, Anna Shin

Intense Platinum        1st Place Overall


Senior Duet

No Woman, No Cry         Celena McElliott & Victoria Rynkowski

Intense Platinum              1st Overall & Best in Category for Lyrical


Junior Small Group

This Is Me            Intense Platinum            1st Overall & Top Junior Score


Senior Small Group

Skyward              Intense Platinum            1st Overall, Judges Award, & Technical Excellence


Junior Line

Sing, Sing, Sing       Intense Platinum        3rd Overall


Teen Groups

Time Is Limited      Intense Platinum       1st Overall and Choreography Award

Mishima                  Intense Platinum       4th Overall


Senior Group

Is This A Dagger      Intense Platinum      2nd Overall

A Gentle Build         Intense Platinum      1st Overall, Judges Award, & Top Senior Score


Senior Line

In This Shirt              Intense Platinum      1st Overall


Draper Center also was acknoweldged as the TOP SCORING STUDIO of the weekend.


Thank you to everyone from In10sity for hosting such a great competition for our dancers!


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